In Microsoft Word 2003, how do I keep the address fonts the same?

Every time I address a letter both the send and return address fonts change to arial. Even if I have them written in times new roman. My return address fonts I set up on times, italics, 10 pt, blue. I always have to redo them for every letter. How can I make the fonts stay the same??

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    To do this, you have to change two Styles on the template: Envelope Address and Envelope Return. There are two ways to do this: by changing them directly in the template or by changing them in a document and copying them to the template. I'll give the more direct way:

    First we find the template:

    1.In Word, open a new document.

    2.Click on the File->Save As menu item.

    3.In the dialog box, change the Save as Type list box to Templates (*.dot).

    4.The directory should change, and the template should appear in the list. Do NOT select the template.

    5.Expand the Save In list box at the top to show the entire path to this directory.

    6.Jot down the full path. You'll need it later.

    7.CANCEL out of this dialog box.

    Now, for safety, we create a backup of

    8.In Windows Explorer or My Computer, navigate to the directory that contains


    10.Click on the Edit->Copy menu item.

    11.Click on the Edit->Paste menu item.

    This creates a copy of named “Copy of”

    Now we change the two fonts.

    12.Back in Word, click on the File->Open menu item.

    13.In the Open dialog box, in the Files of Type listbox, scroll down to Document Templates (*.dot).

    14.Navigate to your template. Use the path you jotted down above. It may already be selected from the previous operation.


    16.Click on Format->Styles and Formatting.

    17.In the Styles and Formatting sidebar, set the Show list box at the bottom to “All Styles”.

    18.Find the Envelope Address style, hover the cursor over it and click the down-arrow that appears. Click Modify.

    19.A Modify Style dialog box will open. Modify the style to your tastes, then click OK.

    20.Repeat steps 18 through 19 for the Envelope Return style.

    21.Save the template.

    This should do it. If the file gives you any problems, you should be able to go into Windows Explorer or My Computer and rename the backup copy to and be back where you were at the beginning.

    Good luck.

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