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i'm getting sick of being so shy!!?

to some people i am really outgoing, but to new people i am shy as heck. i'm going into high school in just 2 months, its hard for me to make new friends, people come up to me and try to be my friend, but the whole time all thats going through my head is "what do i say??!" and "they probably think i'm weird, cuz i'm not talking" and stuff like that, and i try to avoid people, the only reason is cuz, i don't know what to say or anything. i'm scared of what they think of me, and whenever someone tries to talk to me i just say "oh i got to go" or i just ignore them and walk away. how do i get over this, and how do i know what to talk about?

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    hey! don't worry! you aren't the only one. i struggle with this too. i am totally outgoing with my friends, but i am shy around new people. my advice is be yourself. you don't have to try to make friends with everyone you meet, just be nice. give a compliment or ask how there day is going. if you want to be comfortable around people you are just meeting, try keeping a friend by your side. when you have some one by you who you are comfortable with you it is easier to be comfortable around the person you want to get to know and it is easier to keep up a conversation. eventually you will get comfortable talking with new people. (oh and p.s. don't worry highschool is only as scary as you make it, you will be fine) :)

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    Its something you can work on - you are young - don't let any weakness hold you back!

    Go up to new people and start the conversation.

    Do not worry what they think - you have to learn to be independant - Always talk about things you love - what is your passion - animals? guitar?

    math? talk about that - it comes easy!

    I was shy - now I am a public speaker!

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    i was the same way last year but now im not like that. i couldnt even talk to girls i was so shy.... then i started talking to everyone and ended up making friends with the 2 coolest girls at school

    i just put aside my fear and decided to take a chance.

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