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y&r's victoria?

wasn't that a stupid entrance victoria made. she just walked in and say" you scared me" and stands there for like a whole minute giggling and then go and slap him on the leg. did she ever hug him. anyway that was supposed to be a touching scene and she blew it . do u agree?

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    i agree i cant stand this victoria for all the same reasons listed and then some.. she isnt a great actress, or at the very least not good at this role.. and i just cant stand to look at her, i find her image to be unappealing..

    heather should for sure come back and play victoria! or at the very least, a different person.

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    We all have to remember that "Victoria" didn't just walk in.. the writers had her do this. Who is to say that neither one of us wouldn't have done the same thing because you're thinking your brother is dead and now he's alive. You're going through a divorce, and now pregnant. The stress she's going through must be hard on her. So you can't blame her. Blame it on the writers. For some reason they aren't giving her much (hair, makeup) so everyone is against her. "Bring Heather back" is what we see. But could you imagine Heather as Victoria being married to Brad? I couldn't. Heather was a much stronger Victoria and she would have torn Brad to shreds.

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    Yes I admit i too would like to have seen more from victoria...a few tears would have been great, but i liked this scene too.. in its own way it was touching...I never got to see this heather thom everyone is mentioning...ever since i ved tuned into y&r is always been amelia..(victoria) Despite her sometimes messed up have to admit that shes absolutley goregous! Anyways I glad that Nick is back and i hope he gets back together with sharon...

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    yes that was stupid and poorly written. She acted like he was late for dinner, not presumed dead and can't remember the last 2 years of his life. The Newmans are heartless, the man has a daughter and a wife regardless if they hate her (Phyllis) or not they seem to have no sympathy for the girl. At least Sharon has tried to show some understanding

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    Yeah, she could've done something different then what she did. I mean come on, you just found out that your brother, who you thought wad dead, is alive and looking right at you. If that was me, I would have gave him a great big hug and told him I loved him....but I guess Victoria thought her's was wrong!

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    I agree the laughs should have come after the tears. She could have done more with that scene. She ras been going around town all devestated about her brothers death and then she greets him like he was on vacation.

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    Heather Tom would have not done that. Her entrace would have been dramatic and called for. This Victoria just annoys me in every way. Her look, voice and stingy hair.

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    I stick by my past answers,this Victoria needs to go. that scene had potential to be a tear jerker and we get goofy. Heather Tom please come back

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    Victoria really annoys me. She and JT have no chemistry. ARGH!

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    I want Heather Thom back!

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