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Why does my jaw hurt like hell?

The right side of my jaw is killing me. It started out a few weeks ago as a dull pain in the hinge of the jaw, and would generally only hurt as I was lying down for bed. Over the past week though, it's been hurting much more sharply, and pretty much constantly, and has spread from the hinge down to the lower jaw, and across to my cheek bone. So what the hell is wrong with my jaw?

It's not the result of an injury, I do have a mild toothache on one of the inner molars on the same side of my mouth, and I've never had my wisdom teeth removed.

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    You may have TMJ or temporomandibular (TM) joints. You can get TMJ by grinding your teeth at night. If your jaw is uncomfortable when you wake up, this may be what you have. Other symptoms can be joint pain, muscle pain, headaches, sounds when you move your jaw, difficulty with fully opening the mouth, and locking of the jaw. There's really not much that can be done, except that maybe your dentist can make a mouth guard specially designed for your teeth. You use this mouth guard when you sleep to avoid grinding your teeth.

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    If you know that you have a cavity in one of your teeth or that you've had pain with a certain tooth, then please visit your dentist as that may be simply treated and end your pain. Your dentist will look at all your teeth to exclude any other possiblities. This could prevent life threatening infections, so go NOW!

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    Well, could it be a cavity in your wisdom teeth? You might have one and need a rootcanal or maybe have them pulled. Or, you may have an infection in the jaw bone. either way, WHY HAVEN'T YOU SEE YOUR DENTIST? An Xray will give you the answer you need.

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    Thats the feeling i had when i got my wisdom teeth... i had the removed 3 months later... its worth geting them out.... your teeth can start geting infected by the roots, it can feel pretty bad the infection can grow,,, and having an infection that close to the brain is much danger to your health.... i would go to a dentist or a doctor to check it out....

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    Age? Could it be wisdom teeth?

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