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Bunny for next pet?

Right now I have a 8 month old hamster to enjoy for a couple years.For my next pet I was going to get a gerbil ,but how about a bunny?Can someone tell me the total amount of money for a bunny,cage and all of the supplies added up.I have never had a bunny before so can someone educate me on these little boogers.If I get a bunny can I let him run around my room for excersise?Oh I almost bunnies smell bad?How often would I have to change my bunnie's cage?Thanks!

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    I would really stay away from commercial cages if you do get a rabbit. Most commercial rabbit cages have either plastic bottoms or wire bottoms. I've had rabbits dig through the plastic bottom, completely destroying a cage I spent 60 dollars on. As for wire bottoms, just steer clear of them, the only thing that's nice about them is they tend to be a tad bit easier to clean, however, a rabbit housed on wire all it's life will at some point develop sore hocks. It's not worth it. After much experimenting, I've found that dog kennels are the best way to go. You can get an appropriate sized dog kennel from 30-60 dollars. Though the bottom is still plastic, its a lot more thick then that of a commercial rabbit cage. Dog kennels are just better quality over all. However, the draw back to a dog kennel is if you do not properly litter box train your rabbit, you can have one hell of a mess to clean up every few days.

    So cages/ kennels cost 25- 200 dollars. Rabbit pellets cost 8-12 dollars a bag, timothy hay cost about 3 dollars a bag. The rabbit itself can cost 5-175 dollars. Depending on sex, breed, and quality. I suggest you find a nice breeder of the rabbit of your choice. Pet stores are a bad gamble.

    Rabbits only smell bad if you neglect them. They need to be changed out at least once a week. I change mine out every other day.

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    Bunnies are wonderful pets. I've bred, raised, & showed rabbits. They don't cost much for one bunny. it's actually really cheap. I've had wonderful luck with mini rex's. there small and EXTREMELY friendly. I clean my rabbit cages every week. and you can also litter train them to where they run around your room and go to the litter box whenever they need to go. and you can also put a litter box in their cage and clean that every day or every other day ( depends how well they use it ) that way you don't have to clean the cage as often. Hope it helps.

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    Bunnies cost about 10 to 50 dollars (Canadian), or you might be able to find one free from an owner who's had a litter. You can sometimes get the cage and supplies in a bundle package for a reasonable price (not quite sure what, though). You can indeed let him around your room, but be sure to block off electrical cords first! Rabbits don't have much odor, but their litterbox/cage will smell if you don't clean it enough. I clean it maybe once a week, but it varies. Be sure to feed it pellets, timothy hay, fresh water, and carrots/lettuce/dandelions (not iceberg lettuce or spinach). Good luck!

    Oh yeah, and if you get a female, you'll need to get her spayed to reduce cancer risks.

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    Yeah bunny!!

    Bunnies are easier to tame and yer you can let it run round in your room, you can house train them now.

    I dont live in the uk anymore, but bunnie food, shavings (for a bed) and hay (for feed) are very cheep to buy were talking about a few pounds every 2 weeks or so. A cage around 30.

    Have alook on ebay for a 'rabbit hutch' or a 'rabbit cage'

    That will give you a good idea, or help you find one!!

    As for bunnie itself normally about 30, but have alook in your local buy and sell type mag, and you should find some private sellers or breeders which is a much better (and normally cheeper) idea to buy from.

    Here is a page with good info for you..

    good luck!

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