Good and bad effects of Zoloft?

I've been switched from Celexa to Zoloft. 20mg of Celexa to 50mg of Zoloft. I'm wondering if anyone has had good or bad experiences with Zoloft and what I should watch for. Thanks in advance. I should add that I'm also taking 300mg of Wellbutrin. So, I'll be on 50mg of Zoloft and 300mg of Wellbutrin.

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    My mom takes it and loves it - however I had this weird tunnel vision with it. It was like I was watching myself do things that I didn't realize that I was in control of. I am on Efexor now and love it.

    Every medication is going to affect people differently, so just watch for any weird side effects and change if necessary.

    (yes, I come from a long line of loonies) : )

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    I had a bad experience mixing Zoloft with Wellbutrin but you may do just fine on it. I hope your doctor has made you aware that the combination will lower the seizure threshold so you must be careful. I take 50 mg Zoloft daily and one issue many people have is weight gain. I work out and find that I am doing fine if I exercise. Zoloft has helped me immensely and if you are one of those people who have ruminating negative thoughts, it should work for you. It definitely works on this vicious cycles of anxious thinking for me. It will take time though - at least 6 weeks - before you start to really feel better. I hope that you have success with Zoloft. Take care. :)

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    umm zoloft.. I took a long time ago I have also tried wellbutrin not together.. with zoloft I was extremely tired.. felt numb..not happy..really out of it.. and other stuff I can't remember.. Good luck on finding the right medication.. I know its hard trying to the right medicine

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    I am on Zoloft also

    I have had very good help with zoloft

    and welbutrin xl

    one thing of many to watch for is changing in your behavior

    suicidal thoughts /feelings

    zoloft will make you tired so I would suggest to be careful

    around machines and driving

    you may have a dry mouth restlessness

    or anxiety

    for more information you can go to

    zoloft .com

    good luck


  • im taking zoloft. i dont no if this is for everyone but if i miss a dose i start getting really dizzy, i get light headed, and when i stand up 2 fast i black out. so DONT miss a dose. im taking 100 mg's right now. when u want to get off of zoloft slowly decrease ur dosage. but discuzz that with ur doc first. im taking zoloft for ocd cuz i pull my hair and for anger and the anger problem is not a problem no more. but the pulling is still there. i guess it just depends on the person. if u need ne1 to talk to about zoloft email me.

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    Zoloft was the first medication I took. At 25 mg it was okay. At 50 mg I started hurting myself. at 100 mg I was seriously suicidal.

    This medicine can work wonders but be alert for worsening of your condition. The FDA has a warning out for people under 24 about increased risk of suicide on these medications.

    Zoloft didn't work for me but prozac did. Prozac is considered a safer drug for young people in the UK.

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    I am on Zoloft and Welbutrin have no problem with either. However, they will effect everyone differently. Please don't listen to uneducated people who tell you to stay away from it because they had a bad experience. Anyone who knows anything about anti-depressants knows it is different for each person.

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    ZOLOFT do not take it its horable my grandmother just got worse

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