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Does anyone use the Clever-clat Top entry Litter box or the Purr-fect Privy?

I can't stand the normal front entry litter boxes, they are big and bullky, a litter pan (as I'm finding) is ideal being small, but the cat tracks litter, and a mat is not ideal b/c they are ugly...

I am considering either going with the Top entry litter box or making the major purchase of the Purr-fect Privy...

Just wondering if anyone out there has used either of these products and what their feelings are on them.

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    I don't know about that one I have never heard of it but the Litter Maid is awful. I wasted over 100 bucks on that and it was a big mess.

  • You know what, I am cheap when it comes to something my cats are just going to crap in.. I just use a plastic tote with the lid off, or you can cut a hole in the lid if you want. Works great cats love it, the high sides keep them from tracking litter and kicking it out all over the place... best of all it costs about $5 compared to a litterbox of the same size which would cost about $15-$25.

    I like the clear ones as the plastic is smooth so the litter doesnt stick..

    Heres one with the hole cut into the top for a cat...

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    yes! both of my Friends have used both methods and didn't really see much difference as far as the entrance to them!

    you just have to make sure that you leave them a big enough hole and they can get in and out comfortably and safely too!

    i myself like the front entrance bx and mats .they are really good to help in the aid of tracking!

    I myself don't care about the looks as long as it does the job!

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