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What's a "tweaker" ?

My cousin was talking about them to me the other day,what are they ?


Oh no,a crackhead.

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    A "tweaker" is someone who uses meth. The reason they're called "tweakers," I imagine, is because they're jumpy and jittery. If you've ever seen someone high on meth, they can't hold still; they move their arms or legs constantly, shift around, twitch, etc.

    More commonly, it's used to insult someone who isn't really an addict but is acting irrationally or jumpily.

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    A tweaker is either someone who uses methamphetamines, or someone who is constantly tweaking, changing, modifying, cleaning things.

    See here for more definitions:

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    I've always taken "tweaker" to mean someone who is strung out on crack, meth, etc.

  • 1 decade ago

    a perosn whos acting crazy or silly.

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  • 1 decade ago

    ice heads, people who do ice (crystal meth)

    Source(s): Dog the Bounty Hunter
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    it is some 1 on crank that wat we call them here in north dakota

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