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brown discharge....period ????

last night when i got out of the shower i wiped downtown and i had the normal clear and white discharge but this time it was mixed with a brownish red color. im assuming that its my period. and about an hour later i had a lil brownish red discharge. but not a lot of it. and i was wondering how long until i get my actual period ???


so if this was my period...then whats gunna happen for the next couple of days ?? i thought that when i woke up that i would have more but i didnt have any at all

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    You're probably "spotting" which sometimes happens a few days before your actual period starts. Like another answerer said, it could be due to an imbalance in your hormones or some nutritional deficiency. You can ask your doctor about some changes or additions you can make in your diet to help with this.

    Source(s): It happens to me a few times a year.
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    Some women have that type of discharge before and after their period. It is normal and if your period is really light this month that may be all you get. If it goes on for too long (meaning this is all that happens during your period for the next few months) talk to your doctor because your hormones are not properly balanced. You want to have full periods occasionally to get rid of the lining that builds up inside.

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    I get this a day or two before my actual period.

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    That was UR period!!!

    Have funn!! I would wear a super thin pad or a pantiliner

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    probably not soon i would guess tomorrow...that is how i i would wear something tomorrow to stay safe

    hope this helped

    have a great day : )

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    Probably in a day.

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