Help!!!!! Please!!!!?

my 3yr old told me that she hates her brother. one day when i was puttin up the dishes she took steak knofe and tried to stab him and yes he is younger than hubbie says it is sibling rivalry but i dont know. what do i do ive tried everything even taking her to a theropist nothing works her little bro is only 1yr old ineed help and fast

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    She might feel that you pay more attenchen to her little brother then you do to her so when he is asleep, you should play some games, watch tv, and talk.


    You could have a time out and when she is is REALLY bad put her there and in a couple min. talk to her and tell her what she did wrong and tell her that you love her and give her a hug.

    #3 You could start by doing something fun like buy fake money and when she does something good, give her fake money and when she does something bad take some away.

    Make up serton amounts of fake money to but toy and stuff like that.

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    1. How in the heck did the child aquire a steak knife!!!!???? Put those out of her three year old needs a knife near their reach.

    2. PLace her bottom in time out with a stern but firm explanation of why she is there and that it is not tolerated form of behavior....Like this..."I know you do not like it when I give your baby brother more attention but taking something and trying to hurt him is a no-no. It will hurt him. I am putting you in time out for 3 minutes because of this." Then when she is done with time out explain it again and tell her she should apologize and so on. No kid should be allowed to get away with this. Some people will tell you to spank her too..but that is up to you.

    3. Try to do things that include both children in the activity. There are lots of things to do from water play to big play of blocks, cars and trucks, park time, story time and so on...the possiblities are endless.

    4. If this does not work out then I would be talking to a doctor of her and your concerns...sometimes a therapist is not the only answer.

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    Sounds like she jealous. And why do you have your steak knifes below where she can reach them you need to put them up high place and child proof your home. I have a 3yr old and a month old baby and you know what i do when i'm not with the baby i'm paying attention to my son. I have him help with the baby like changing diapers,feeding,bathing stuff like that. I also take my son out to the parks,swimming,friends,getting him around other kids. That's why she acting like this is cause she jealous of that baby cause she not the baby no more.

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    This sounds exactly like 2 of the kids i babysit for, it scared me because the first time i went over there she put him on her lap and shoved him off the couch...after that while i was making his bottle she ran to his play pen started shaking it and then tipped it over, she first said it was because she hated him, but then claimed that she did it because she loved him but he got everyone's my advice to you is to spend at least one day every two weeks alone with her to make her feel important and maybe your husband can do this too every once in a while!

    I must say after reading your other questions as well i'm not so sure this is truthful!

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    Hey, I followed Kitty's lead and read your other questions too. I don't think I believe you either.

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    I too read your other questions. I don't believe you either. Maybe your in the wrong place.

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    okay well I'm not really all that sure that i believe you seeing as how i just went and read your other 6 questions

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