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please help..ANY advice is appreciatedd!?

i was planning on fasting for 5 days, but today was my third and i decided to stop so i dont kill my metabolism. if ionly drank a few drinks of apple juice past 2 days and i just decided to have a bite of celery and green tea, what do i need to do so i keep losing weight and not gain anything from fasting??

like how much do i need to eat for the next few days and how much do i need to exercise?



how much would i gain after just 3 days though?

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    Here's the thing on dieting.

    #1 you need at least 16 ounces of liqiud per day.

    You can get along with no food for 30 days but 3 days without water and you can die

    #2 your body will take over if you don't feed it (Ketose).

    The idea is to start turning FAT into SUGAR

    That means reducing the input level but NOT shocking it.

    YOu need 2,000 calories just to breath

    Give your body 1,800 and it HAS to get the 200 extra from somewhere else, usually FAT

    You COAX your body into this (Atkins SHOCKS the body into this and it takes 30=45 days to work)

    EAT less, that is the secret


    Drink normal, but REMOVE SUGARS

    That is NOT to say don't eat a peach, but DON"T put coke or pepsi or ice tea with sugar into your body

    REMOVE refined sugars


    Drop it a little

    Then wait

    In six months your body will EAT ITSLEF UP

    Eat the eqivalent of 3 TV dinners a day Banquest $1 dinners

    That's ALL you need along with water

    Your body will then do the rest over the next 6 months

    Get RID of excess


    GET rid of PORKS and limit BEEF

    Limit FATS to 1 tablespoon two times a day

    That means TUNA with 1 tablespoon MAYO

    Try and limit BREADS

    Put that TUNA over lettuce and tomatoes


    Whole or canned with NO SUGAR

    Use Apple Cider vinegar with no oil or a dash of OLIVE OIL

    Switch to OLIVE OIL for cooking

    Use butter instead of margerine


    Breakfast Oatmeal with some rasins and honey


    Special K with strawberries or bananas and low fat milk


    A can of unsweetened GRAPEFRUIT

    or a REAL GRAPEFRUIT and some toast with butter or peanut butter

    Lunch, Yoshina Chickenbowl, small, skinless

    Dinner some Tuna or Turkey slices over a salad and maybe some bread with butter

    Apple Cider viengar and a tad of olive oil

    The portions can be LARGE on this one

    EAT ALL the lettuce you want

    Have HALF A HEAD

    A few slices of turkey meat or a full can of white tuna




    YOu can have a 2 pound meal of this

    BUT no more than 1 tablespoon MAYO or a tad of Olive Oil

    You can have some oat bran bread

    If you EAT RIGHT

    You can EAT A LOT

    When hungry, have an APPLE

    it's 8-16 ounces of weight, it fills you it is NO mORE than 120 calroies and it provides SUGAR to keep you going

    Fruits can be your friend, just not in total EXCESS

    Lettuce can be your friend


    Just no Ranch or Italian

    Apple Cider Vinegar and a tad of olive oil


    At least 24 ounce per day

    WATCH for hidden calories

    COFFE CREAMER, nasty!

    10-20 calories per serving

    Get rid of the sugar in coffee

    Switch to honey for tea


    Peanut butter on celery HEART HEALTHY

    Yes you can have some RED WINE with dinner


    Just no more than 2 glasses

    Eat ALL the skinless chicken you want so long as it is broild or poached and white meat

    Just avoid the POTATOES, PASTA

    Give half of the POTATOES or PASTA TO HIM

    Live a little, have some SKINLESS chicken Parmasan with Fettucinie and GIVE HIM most of your noodles

    Just shove it into his plate

    For him it's almost as good a sex!

    Have a taste


    Have an apple, peach, pear instead


    It's ok!

    It's TOTALLY SINFUL, but highly acceptable

    BUT NOTHING ELSE, except maybe one or two dry slices of Turkey for protien

    That means you open the pack and pick a slice or two and just eat it


    No mayo

    A diet is doing WITHOUT bad things, eating GOOD THINGS and doing them in SMALLER PORTIONS

    You EAT LESS

    EAT wisely

    Atkins is correct

    You CAN eat a pound of White Turkey meat


    Not until snack time

    OR yes

    You can put a POUND of TURKEY on a POUND of lettuce and eat it with APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and a tad of olive oild and a 16 ounce bottle of WTAER

    THAT IS A DIET, beleive it or not

    You just ate 2 pounds of food

    But you had LESS calories than a Big Mac with Fries

    And LESS saturated fats

    White tuna

    White Turkey

    LEECHED beef (run it in a colender under water)

    Broiled or poached chicken without skins or breading

    ALL the lettuce you can eat

    Buy a BOX of the stuff


    but NO RANCH, ITALIAN or FRENCH dressing allowed

    Only APPLE CIDER VINEGAR and olive old tad

    Dieting is about LEARNING what to eat and what NOT to eat

    You can EAT more ON a diet than you ever ate before, provided you KNOW what to eat and what not to eat

    You can eat 10 pounds a day of food and lose weight

    It's about know what to eat and what NOT TO

    Eat a whole CAN of Salmon, just only use onioins to seaon it and make sure you clean it in water not oil

    Eat 16 ounces of WATER TUNA, just NO MORE than 1 TBLS of mayo

    Put it on 1 pound of lettuce and put apple cider or wine vinegar over it, some light seasoning (pepper), some onioins, a tad of olive oil

    That's 2 pounds of FOOD

    Along with 16 ounces of water

    that's 3 pounds into your tummy and LESS calories than a burger and fries

    You'll NEVER be hungry if you diet right!

    BUT you have to give up BANANA SPLITS

    Chocolate cake


    Ranch dressing

    Colonel Sanders Secret Recipe

    Jack in the Box secret sauce

    ALL of that is a killer

    ONE ounce of JACK's secret sauce is 8 ounces of WHITE WTAER TUNA MEAT


    1 ounce of gunk = 8 ounces of protein

    HALF the calories in a BIG MAC comes from the BUN and the SAUCE

    BUN and SAUCE=two patties and cheese

    DO YOU NOW SEE where you went wrong in life!

    Imagine eating 16 ounces of WHITE TUNA or sliced white meat TURKEY with 16 ounces of LETTUCE a whole tomatoe, some cucumber and water

    And having LESS CALORIE INPUT than your friend who is having a Colonel Sanders meal deal

    That's what a breast and leg and cole salw and coke

    That's about a pound and YOUR are having 3 pounds

    AND you are losing WEIGHT in the process


    YOUR 3 pound lunch is not even 700 calories

    Thier 1 pound lunch is 1200-1500

    WHO is the SMART ONE

    WHO IS FULL after lunch!

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    the thing with fasting is because you don't eat much your body drop water weight not fat so as soon as u return bak to eatin normal again you will put any weigh you have lost back on plus maybe a bit more.

    so you should really just eat healthy and exercise instead

    try eating small meals every 3 - 4hours to keep your metabolism up

    and exercise for at least 30 mins a day

    gud luck

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    Fasting is a really really, really bad way tto lose weight. Your metabolism does slow down, plus any wieght that you lose while you're fasting you gain right back.

    Your best bet is to eat small regular meals throughout the day. They should be balanced: protien(fiist sized) carbs(fist-sized agian) fat(tablespoon) and a fruit. You can do lower fat to lose wieght but not to low. That's bad foor your body and iit will slow your metabolism do\own

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    are you trying to get sick? Your body wont like that kind of loosing weight and will start to rebel after awhile. My nutritionist says everyone needs at least 30 carbs in our body's to keep the body healthy. If you look at what you eat, that's not a lot of food. If you fast you wont keep the weight off for long and you may gain back more in the long run. Seek your docs advise for a sensible diet. Good luck


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    eat healthy food at normal portions 3 meals a day and lift weights or run

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