about god and his race?

what race do you think he is.. i am not intended this to be racist...i just got through watching a skin head doctomentary.. and i went wtf.. now consider where he came from.. the middle east.. given the year he was born it is highly unlikely he would be white..or even black... what is your take on this..btw i am white


lol james your looking at a avatar since i cant figure out how to down load my photo.. i could be a black male for all you know or a asain woman.. or white male..

Update 2:

OK OK jesus.. is who i meant

Update 3:

yeah lydia.. i hear on that one.. i was just wondering what everyone else thought..

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    God or Jesus? God was never a man therefore he cannot have a race, but if your talking about Jesus Christ I would have to agree with Middle Eastern.

  • DCFN
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    1 decade ago

    God the Holy Spirit is not tangible and so cannot be a member of any race.

    God the Son, Jesus, was from the Middle East and Jewish, and so I think Jesus would be of the race that Joseph and Mary were portrayed as being in the movie "The Nativity Story."

    God the Creator also has no flesh, and so cannot be a member of any race.

    This is what I've learned of the Holy Trinity of Christianity.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Are you asking about God or Jesus? If your asking about Jesus, He was a Jew and born in a eastern world. He was not a white caucasian male. He was dark skin and looked like a middle eastern male.

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    God is not bound by a humanly body. He has no race. But if you meant Jesus, who is God, by the way, then I'm guessing that God made Him Middle-Eastern, considering that He was raised by Middle-Eastern parents in a Middle-Eastern community. But then again there may have been white ppl or even black ppl there cuz He was raised in an area near Europe and Africa. Idk and I don't care that much.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    God is a Spirit. The body that Jesus was housed in was of middle eastern descent. Jesus was about more important issues. Race or nationality is irrelevant.

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    Jesus Christ is God in the flesh. As a man he was born a Hebrew Jew.

    Most likely he has brown hair, brown eyes and a suntan.

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    This is going to sound lame and maybe this isnt the best answer. I guess technically he would be of middle eastern decent but in the bible it says "we were all created in his image" So I dont think he has a specific race . . . .

  • 1 decade ago

    a) God was not born. He is the uncreated Creator.

    b) Jesus (God incarnate) was born a Jew in the land that is now Israel. So I guess He was Middle Eastern in today's vernacular.

    c) What's your point?

  • 1 decade ago

    I believe that God doesn't really have a race. I believe that He (or She) is a higher being or power that is not necessarily defined by race or gender. Because of this I believe that He appears and is depicted in a form that is most comfortable to the believer.

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    GOD is not a man honey, anything created, nor anything incarnate. HE resembles nothing and nothing resembles HIM. HE begets none nor was HE ever begotten. To make an image of GOD is a cardinal rule for all of the monotheistic beliefs. Little is it adhered to. Even if that image is a man. Peace!

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