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What was so blaphemous about "The Last Temptation of Christ"?

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    I was one of those who signed on to the boycott Scorcese rampage when this came out. Several years I saw it, and I didn't find anything blasphemous at all. He was tempted at all points like us, right?

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    I did not find anything wrong with it. But I am not one to judge other people and join a hate group against someone like they did with this film. I think most people used it as a means to draw attention to their own agenda. The only thing that the film did was put Jesus in a position that was human. People don't want to believe that he was human. Yes, I believe in Jesus and am a Christian. I also believe that he walked this Earth as a man. A great man, but a man none the less. Is it unthinkable that he experienced the same feelings that we do? How could he know our pain and suffering if he did not feel that pain? I am not trying to get a religious conversation going. I am merely stating that no one wants to believe that Jesus had any weaknesses or human experiences. I believe that he must have while on Earth. If I am wrong, I will apologize to Him. I thought it was a very good movie.

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    The reason people protested the movie was because the movie showed Jesus as flawed and human and less Godlike. That is blasphemy in that it rewrites the Bible and changes the meaning of the crucifixion. For some that is clear. For others they see what ifs as acceptable speculation. The protestors were int eh first group. I was in the second group. But after seeing it I could see why the first group was upset. We are not God, and the minute we start rewriting God is the minute we no longer know who God is. Did God create man or vice versa? For that first group questioning what if is like taking a false God before God and that is the definition of blasphemy.

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    It took the story of Brian and twisted it in an offensive way. When The Last Temptation came out I joined a group of Brian followers in a vigil at the cinema. We sang sacred songs like Always look on the Bright Side of Life, the Lumberjack song and Spam.

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    Jesus was a boozer and had sex with Mary Magaline

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