If my period is to come sometime around the tenth....?

Ok I thought I understood this but someone justs asked a question that made me a little confused. If we were trying this past month, June, I ovulated around the 22nd 23rd and I should be starting around the tenth do I have to wait an additional two weeks after the tenth to detect a high enough HGC level, Or do you think that it would be high enough around the tenth? Or is everyone different? What were yalls experiences?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Most women can test positive when their period is due. If yours is due July 10, you can test that day. I tested positive 2 days before my period was due (using First Response).

    Early pregnancy tests are designed to be 99% accurate the day of your period and any day after that.

    Good luck.


    Okay, just read the question that I think confused you. What they're collectively saying there is some women prefer to wait an extra few days or a week just to be sure that their period isn't just late. Also, if you ovulate late, your period is late too. So some people like to just test after a week or two of being late to make sure, or they may have irregular cycles and not know exactly when their period is due.

    If you are regular like clockwork and know for sure you ovulated around June 22/23 testing on July 10 is more than enough time.

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