PLEASE HELP, my Friend has BAD migrane headahes & cant bear to see light, what shall this person do?

this guy has Bad Migrane headaches & comes & goes, hes laying down & sleeping all day with just taking advill.

He has no insurance/ no money/ PLEASE, I NEED SOME HELP. ill check back in little bit, but cant choose best answer for 4 hours, PLEASE HELP,

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    Oh, how I feel his pain. I just got my first migraine a few days ago, and my aunt who also gets them, is a nurse. She said that you need to use cold compresses on your head, on your forehead is where the pain is thriving, I would assume. Take a pack of ice or frozen peas and put that on your forhead, and this will constrict the blood vessels. Migraines are not simple headaches, so advil probably won't do a thing to make the pain go away. Stay out of light, tell him to lie down in a dark room with and ice pack on his head, it really will work. Next time he feels a migraine coming on, he should try excedrine migraine, before the migraine takes control. Some people have a "warning period" where they get blurred vision, and that would be the time to take medicine. Hope that works, migraines are terrible! Good luck to him.

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    nothing to do...only thing that works for me is to take a nap for about 2 hours or so and it goes away...if i stay awake, the migrane stay there...

    i have a warning sign, i go about 85% blind in my left eye, and lose all perrifferal vision in that eye....light hurt my eyes and i have to look at the floor...then about 25 minutes late. the WORST HEAD PAIN EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • i don't know of any home remedy for severe migraines, but i know of one good prescription, is imitrex....if he can't stand it anymore go to the emergency room...

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