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Mormons is it true that some of the General Authorities and other higher ups enjoy hunting?


DJ what are you talking about?

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    Haven't you noticed that hunting and fishing is something that transcends politics and religion and everything? Even VP Cheney enjoys hunting, and bagging an occassional lawyer. People from all walks of life enjoy hunting and fishing, republicans, democrats, mormons, catholics, baptists, you name it. When you think about all the wars that are fought over religion or politics and the number of people who are killed in the name of religion or politics I sometimes think we should have a religion of hunting where we simply hunt and enjoy life and let everybody else do the the same. Nothing to fight over or kill each other over.

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    hunting and fishing is the beg es spots in the planet with out the hunters, their will be no animals no Bert's no road, in the mountains thank to the Hunter for their dollars,in NJ the hunters give a 16 % of the state buget, they porches,milions hunting land as the green acres.and breng in the state the dear,bear fesens couel,turkis and many ather non hunting spicis nj hunters are extrimily well trane,that is wy n.j.have the most hunting spicis in the country

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    Mormons will hunt almost anything.

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    Panda, you sporting a mullet?

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