should i get a ipod or safe my money for a ps3?

i have money for an ipod but need to wait like a month or 2 for a ps3


i want a ipod and i want a ps3 but i have money for a video ipod but i need 2 wait a couple of months to get the rest of the money for the ps3.

when im not home i like listing to music on the way to school,chilling with friends, jogging, etc

but when im home doing nothing i like to play video games and when friends come to my house we play games.

should i wait a few months for a ps3

pick up an ipod tomorrow


buy an ipod and save more money for the ps3 if i do this ill get the ps3 in like November-December


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  • mike s
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    1 decade ago
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    those are pretty different things. should i get a can of coke, or save up for a steak. or you can hold your money for the future.

    do you want to listen to music? or play games?

  • 1 decade ago

    Get an mP3 player (about $30 at electronics stores) then save the rest of the money for a ps3

  • 1 decade ago

    depends on if you like to sit and waste your life

    or get up

    and listen to music

    ps3 doesnt come with games when you first buy it

    so you gotta buy a game too

    and it doesnt have very many games


    the games are 60 dollars each!!

    get the ipod

    and if you do get the ipod

    get a cover right when you get the ipod

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