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Learning to surf?


I've lived by a beach my whole life and i've always wanted to lean but never had the time. what are some good starting tips?

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    prepare for a serious workout!

    surfing is a ton of fun... paddling is exhausting--but getting up just once on your two feet will make it all worth it

    You're going to want to prop your knees on the center of the board and push yourself up to a standing position.

    When you are ready to transfer your weight from a kneeling to standing position, it is most effective to do so VERY quickly.

    You will most certainly fall a few times, so be sure to pay attention to how (and why) you are falling. I mention this, because you (generally) fall off of the board where you have transferred too much weight. Meaning, if you try to stand and you fall forward off of the right edge of your board--it means you allocated too much body weight to that area of board)

    Hope that makes sense...Surfs up!

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    have another person come with you (one who has surfed before) he or she can help you by pushing you to get a better start on the waves. also before you head out try paddling in the sand use one arm at a time sort of like freestyle swiming just without the whole head turning. Then try standing. To stand you put which ever leg you feel more comfy with in the position (you should always keep your knees bent) you would be regular if your left foot is forward, goofy if your right is forward *i'm goofy =)* okay well when you try to stand up you get into a pushup position with your hands on the rails of your surfboard (rails are the side of the board.. think of a skatboard) then just slide a foot up and see which one feels better. by the way use a soft board to learn much easier and wear a rashgaurd board burns hurt a lot!! good luck

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    First: Sign up for a lesson

    Then before you go

    A) read up on learning how to surf from various sources on the net

    B) Make sure your arms are in shape

    C) Go practice roller skating or skateboarding to help your balance

    D) Don't listen to anyone who says by a board first

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    well practice on the growd with your board and practice gettin up without ur knees and paddling when u get in the water and feel the wave push u u get up and practice ballance on a ballance board it will come easy if u no how to skateboard

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    You'll be able to get up easier on a long board.

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