I want to start an online t-shirt business.?

I need to find a comany that has demand on printing. I want to create Christian t-shirts. Cafepress is a good but it is hard to make a profit. If Ihe shirts cost me $25 with print, then very few people would buy my shirts.

Does anyone know of any sites whre print on demand is cheaper.


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    Welcome To The World Wide Web!!

    Online business requires basics like domain name for your website and then hosting it. Even websites are easy to be built, and you need n't require to know the technical part behind it.

    Visit http://www.domain-name-register-store.com/ and get support.

    How to Set Up an Online Store

    There’s so much to consider when setting up an online store that it can seem downright overwhelming to a would-be ecommerce entrepreneur. From the little details to the bigger ones, you as the owner are responsible for all of it – and practically every last decision point could be treated in an article of its own. Think of this, then, as an overview of the process.

    Before you even take the first step of going into business online, you need to ask some of the same questions you’d ask when going into any business. Do you have something to market? That is, can you give your customers something they want, for which they’ll pay you enough money for you to turn a profit? It doesn’t have to be a specific product; it can be a service, or it can even be a combination of the two. One entrepreneur I know writes and maintains custom software for small businesses, blurring the line between a product and a service.

    Once you’ve decided what kind of online business you’re getting into, you need to choose a domain name. This is fairly important, since it will be your company’s online identity. Think of Amazon, for example. The point is, all of your customers will remember your URL, so you want to choose one that will stick in their heads, and give a favorable impression. If you’d like to read more about choosing a domain name, there are a number of articles on the subject, including one here on Web Hosters.

    So, you know what you’re going to offer for sale, and you’ve chosen your domain name. What’s the next step? You want to register your domain name, and you want to put together a website that will encourage your customers to trust you and buy

    Get started at http://www.domain-name-register-store.com/

    Good luck!

    Vera Chandler.

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    Hi, I am a clothing manufacturer in Hong Kong. We specialise in making T shirts. May be we could co-operate. Please contact me at yvonne@richmaxint.com for details.

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    that sounds cool! i want one!

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