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Would I have gotten to jail?

today I came from the Vet very much pissed off cause my dog misbehave so mad I looked like a dumb AzS in front of people. I spanked my dog there and my mother got upset cause I hit the dog and she said that I could of gotten to jail cause they treat dogs like kids is that true?


Oh no I didn't hit her hard, I did spank her but not hard

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    You just spanked her. I don't know why your mom or some of these people above say it's ABUSE!! Abuse is when you don't feed her or if you are beating her with a stick or cutting her. It's like saying.... you see a mother hitting their kid across the head to shut him up?!? Is that abuse...people?!?! And also when you train animals people either hit or chock them... is that abuse or training them? Just don't worry about it.. you did it to settle her down. :)

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    You say that you spanked your dog because YOU looked like a dumb AzS in front of people. You don't say how your dog behaved, just that it misbehaved.

    I am bothered by the fact that you are spanking your dog because your dog is making YOU LOOK BAD.

    Do your parents spank you if YOU make them look bad?

    You say that you're worried about going to jail.

    I don't think that's the problem at all.

    I think you're unhappy because you spanked an animal that should be your best friend.

    If you hit one of your friends because they made you look dumb, what would their reaction be? Wouldn't have many friends, would you.

    Forget jail. Your mom should simply take the dog away from you.

    If you think the dog misbehaving made you look dumb, you really don't understand people who love animals. I'll bet everyone in the vet's office who saw this thought you looked dumb because you were spanking a dog.

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    I don't know what a dog could do to make you so angry, especially at the vets, where alot of dogs are very nervous and scared. Spanking a dog is only going to make it afraid of you and fearing you is NOT how a dog needs to feel towards his owner. Perhaps you need to rethink if you really love this dog or if he'd do better with someone else. And I'm sorry to say, but I think the only one who made you look dumb was you and not the dog. I'm NOT trying to be mean here, but like I said, the vet is not a great place for a dog to love!

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    No, you definitely would not have gone to jail. Your mom was probably just embarrassed and trying to make an impression on you. A light spanking is not enough reason to get penalized for animal abuse- as long as it wasn't causing the animal harm. Something unfortunate but true is that people who seriously abuse and neglect their dogs rarely actually serve time anyway. They pay fines or have their pets taken away from them. Don't hit your dog again, dogs don't learn from negative reinforcement. In most cases, if your dog is behaving unfavorably you should spank yourself because it's your own fault for not training your dog properly.

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    it was simply an act of punishing someone for the misbehavior, as animals r not human beings they dont have rationale and to contrl them u have to practice such an activity . this is not cruelty ur act of hitting him was proportional to the insult u felt so thats very reflexive . but ya if u make it a regular practice your dog will become anti social,aggresive and very shorttempered that he can bite u any time .ur dog will also be very dangerous for outsiders .anyway u go to jail for committing a crime so question urself was this a crime?

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    first of all, it takes a lot make a vet think ur dog is bad and that ur a dumb azz. my dog is such a wimp. i take her to the vet to get her toenails clipped and she screams like they're killing her, and she craps all over them! (yea this ain't relevant but ur not the only one with a misbehavin dog)

    no spanks aren't bad, despite what some people think, as long as u don't hit 'em too terribly hard, ur fine.

  • only if it was cruel and excessive-- i spank my dogs because they used to think they could act up around others cause i wouldnt punish them-- now they know that they have to be EXTRA good-- but be warned-- you are about to have 300 messages telling you that you shouldnt spank your dog-- but hey its worked for hundreds of years just as spanking children has and now is the first time in history where children and dogs alike are acting out more than ever because of lack of punishment-- so anyways you did the right thing i wouldnt worry too much

    oh and by the way.. by spanking i mean BARELY hitting them on the nose or bottom-- not beating.. just clarifying

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    As far as Im concerned you made yourself look like "a dumb azs" by not having your dog socialized to that type of enviornment. You now know your dog has a problem now start working on that.. so next time you all can have a better experience..

    I do not believe in any type of animal abuse.

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    Well if you hit your mom or a kid it is true for going to jail. But if you hit a dog you have to teach it like he/she. My dog thinks he is the boss of me but sometimes he tries so hard to be the boss of me so i hit him. You won't go to jail for hitting your dog you have to control he/she YOU ARE THE BOSS NOT THE DOG!

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    There are laws to help prtect animals, that is true!!!Your mother is right again. That is classified animal abuse. You may have gotten booked, given a court date & have to pay a fine & do community service. Never, out of all the many years that I have had dogs have I ever hit one!!! What made you feel that it was nessecary to hit the dog? You can correct or train a dog without hitting them!!!! Pandakittyb... has just been lucky she has never been turned in to the authorities!!!

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