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Do you think your pet is the cutest?

Is your pet cuter than anyones on here? Tell me about them!

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    Don't get me started- but since you asked.....

    As far as I'm concerned, my Siberian Husky is the most beautiful dog in the world. She has symmetrical markings of black, white, gray and cream colored fur. She is the perfect size and her eyes are striking: one is blue like the arctic ocean, occasionally changing to an icy blue. The other is a cherry brown, with the occasional hint of amber. EVERYONE who sees her is awed by her beauty.

    My other dog, a 7 month old Papillon puppy is the cutest dog in the world, also proclaimed by everyone who sees him. Each of his ears is larger than his skull- you have to really envision what a dog would look like if it had those proportions. He is still a puppy so he still has the baby cuteness. His body is pettite with long white fur with large black patches. His tail fluffs out into a fan like puff.

    To see some photos of my dogs, visit my website. . Beware, the pictures on this website do NOT do them justice.

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    Absolutely! My little boy "Roscoe" is a mix Bichon/Poodle. The poodle was a black/white party poodle. He is such a personality. Roscoe loves to tease humans with his toys. When you play catch with him he loves it, but he also loves holding onto the toy with his paws. He's got brown eyes and long curley back and white hair, with a long fluffy white tail. Everyone who meets Roscoe falls in love. My father-in-law just called here 1 hour ago asking how his grandson was.

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    of course lol.

    my rats are all adorable but the cutest is pleco! he is a blue rex. he has the cutest face and whiskers! they are super long and curly! he is the cuddliest out of the group though he is the most dominate.

    my cat piper is a blue torbie persian/maine coon mix. she rolls over and plays dead and does all sorts of tricks. and she chatters no stop.

    and my bettas are very cute! my female jumps out of the water at the sight of blood worms! and my newest male is cute because he is so active and flashy! and my other male is cute because he eats his pellets with

    although i do find all other animals cute!

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    I will tell you and show you how cute mine are.. Augustus is my 6 month old boxer puppy and Maggie May is my 10 yr old mixed female . They are the best

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    No anymore, It's dead.

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