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Benoit lovers...?

Will you rabid Benoit fans at least acknowledge that what he did was wrong? You have GOT to know that this was not a setup or a conspiracy. Dont be in denial just because you love him as a wrestler. The man killed his family. If you walked into your house and found your wife and kid murdered, would you then kill yourself? Surely not. You would call the police. (Unless you were so distraught that you thought the only way out was suicide, but thats not rational, but then Shakespeare came up with that idea in Romeo and Juliet so...I dont think so.)

But please, we all have our opinions, and they all are like azzholes: they all stink.

But at least admit that what he did was wrong.

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    I loved him more than anything...he was the best...i DONT want to believe what everyone is saying...but i guess i have to, and i thought he was smarter than thet...YES what he did was wrong but i still love him...

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    i dont like him now. Even if drugs got involved he still made a decision to blast his kids. He was already getting into trouble before this by juicing up his kid. I don't follow much *coughs* pro *coughs* wrestling so I never liked him anyway.

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    yaaa i can admit what he did waz wrong but he waz a trusting wrestler, he loved his child so much and i think drugs got to do with this becuz he wouldn`t hav to do that to a loving family that he cherishs and espicially a mentally challenged.

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    Even though i disagree with alot of what you said

    Don't refer as everyone

    Because peokple egt mad

    People vary in opinions and TBH your opnion pales in comparison to mine

    More news could unfold in the next few days...

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    I can't tell you that man, because I don't know. In truth, it's not in your position to assume, nor any of us!

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    100% RIGHT

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