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What do I do if I have so many pimples? PLZ HELP!?

I have three huge ones on my face and I need them off by tommorow hopefully or hopefully fading by tommorow.

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    Vanessa B

    Let me tell you something not many people know,

    When you try to wash the oil off your wash using soap or

    any store brought product what happends is it sucks up alot of the natural oils

    out of your skin, and what happends when that occurs? your

    skin goes into over time trying to reblimish the lost oil

    and doubles the amount, your pores open up more to get more of the oil out and air in so let me help you

    Ah ok well my mother had the same problem as you,

    and let me tell you what she did to make it stop,

    this is a home treatment of course, the only thing

    you may need to buy is a lemon if you dont already have some in the fridge,

    what you want to do is get some lemon and squeez that

    sucker into a tiny bit of honey, and mix that all together, put that

    into the area where you want treated and wait 5-10 mins and than wash off,

    the lemon works great as a toner and as we all know toners are

    great for tighthing the skin and even better for your pores to look

    smaller, the honey helps as an evener, it will even out the uneven

    skin tone and also sooths the skin,This teachique not only destorys the pimples you already

    have but it also helps prevent them from coming up again,Drinking alot of water

    every day also helps alot :) Well I hope this helps <3 good luck

    -- Love Vanessa

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    sweetie, to get them to disappear overnight, you would probably need a hydrocortisone injection by a certified dermatologist. this is expensive and painful. i suggest you begin a skin care regimen and stick to it - fight the pimples before they come rather than panicking when they show up! you need to wash your face 2x a day, use a cleanser which contains either benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. if you have oily skin, invest in a packet of oil blotting matte wipes. for spot treatment of pesky pimples, use Neutrogena On the Spot Acne Treatment. its under $5 at most stores but its a tiny little bottle. it contains 2.5% benzoyl peroxide - works wonders for me and highly recommended on

    so take some time to plan a regimen for your skin and I am sure you will have a clear complexion soon. preventative measures are key! dont pinch or touch the pimples!

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