what is their to do in cincinatti?

my future wife and i are spending the weekend of 9/29 - 10/2 in cinncy for our honeymoon we are going to the cubs/reds game (go cubs) on sunday but we need idias of what to on monday and tuesday

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    Kings Island Amusement park would be great at that time of year- not too hot, not too cold. I love to eat at Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse downtown (yum). You could go to the Cincinnati Zoo, again, really nice that time of year. You could go to the Newport Aquarium in Newport. You could walk across the bridge to Newport on the Levee (walking over the Ohio River), You could run over to Indiana and go to one of the casinos on the river (about 30 min away).

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    There are many parks, bars, restaurants and shops near the river on both sides....but that is not where I would honeymoon unless of course you are a huge Reds fan.

    The paddle boat grows up the Ohio River which is very pretty at night but not very romantic. Try this web site to see what interests you. I wish you great happiness.

    Source(s): www.cincyusa.com expat from Ohio
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    King's Island is VERY fun- http://www3.paramountparks.com/kingsisland/

    Also, there is an AMAZING waterpark there called "The Beach"-


    cityguide.aol.com also has great stuff & bargains for Cincinnati.

    Congrats on your marriage and enjoy your honeymoon! Cincinnati really is a fun place!!

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    1 decade ago

    you could visit the amazing and big cincinnatti zoo or go to the really nice aquarium they have called the newport aquarium. i know there are also a couple of museums there and there is a restaurant on the river underneath one of the bridges.

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