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How can I get more breast tissue?

i'm a size 34 A cup i'm 20 years old. is there any way that i can get more breast tissue? anything natural?? thanks in advance!

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    There's this stuff called Breast Gain. It's natural breast enhancement pills. They're a bit expensive but they work - my friend had a cup and a half increase in size. The only thing is you have to continue to take them to keep the size so its an investment, but cheaper and less risky than a boob job. Don't buy the knock off brands - they're about a 4th of the price and don't do a thing... you get what you pay for. Hope this helps.

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    Well, breast tissue is mostly fat. So, if you gain weight, you will have more tissue, but I am not sure that this is what you want. Unfortunately most of us, when loosing weight, loosing breast size and when we gain weight, our breasts become bigger. You can try birth control pill - it will for sure make your breasts bigger, but it might also make everything else bigger, like in my case (that's why I am not on it). But most guys don't really care about breast size, especially now, when the beauty standards are skinny models.

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    Massage your boobs in extra virgin olive oil, watch in one month they will be over a cup size bigger.

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    Whatever - learn to love it! Men aren't solely interested in your ****. Be happy that you can wear clothes w/o worrying about a bra or your boobs falling out.

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    Get pregnant. That's a surefire way.

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    im 18, 32A. you should be proud of your small chest. have some confidence. i used to hate it but i learned to except it.

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    well eating a diet high in fat

    but it MIGHT make u gain weight and it MIGHT not work

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