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Pet behavioral problems?

My pet rock has a nasty temper. He has become so aggressive, I can no longer invite any of my friends over!

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    Ooo this sounds like a very nasty problem, my surgestion is you let him out in the garden for awhile to relise some of that engergy and angsierty. Let him roll down some hills get the wind between his gravel, maybe meet some other rocks with simaler problems he may find this difficult to talk to you because you are oviously so close. Then when you feel he is good and ready slowly (take your time) re-introduce him to your friends (make sure they are aware of his problems and they aproach him slowly and quiety, not to startle him and freeze him into a stone like position) and hopefully he shud come round. Failing this you will have to go for plan b a muzzle, but this I would avoid as it can be tricky and cause your rock more stress. Best of luck to you, he shud come round in the end.

    Best Wishes

    P. Pebbles

    (o jesus and Im not even drunk)

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    Don't you hate it when that happens? Perhaps he has fleas. I'd give him a good flea dip just in case. Best of luck.

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    maybe your friends poked him with a stick. you know that will make for a very angry pet

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