10 years difference..how bad is it?

im 18...and i like a guy whoz turning 28 pretty soon...

is that ok?

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    Well girlfriend in my opinion love has no age to it,no limit to it. If you love and truly love age would not matter at all.If you're uncomfortable with the situation and wonder what people might think and say well maybe there's some uncertainty about how much you love or is it some liking? Follow your heart. If it's love then I see absolutely nothing wrong

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    I am 52 my wife is 43 and life is great, I will never need to run after a younger woman, I already have one.

    My brother in law is 9 years older than his wife as well.

    When you get to 20 and he is 29 it will not sound such a big difference its just the teen years that make the gap look big.

    Women mature faster than men and a ten year difference is just right to balance it out, and at 28 he should be settled enough to know what he wants out of life.

    If he is divorced though I think I would advise you to continue with caution, he has failed once and it would be easy for him to fail twice.


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    I think you should ask him this question first why does he like someone whose 10 years younger than him. I see it very common in the age of 30 & 40 and it doesn't make a difference at this age as both parties are mature and ready for responsibility and committment. Listen to his answer and if your heart and your mind accept his answer than go for it girl. My husband is 5 years older than me and I don't have any problems, but my dad is 10 years older than my mom and she suffering a little bit from that.... she feels so young (49 years) and my dad is slowing down a little. If this is a long term committment I think you need to answer the question yourself do you think thats OK. Good luck

  • Sue C
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    It's getting close to the little bit older than you age. All depends if you act lots older than 18, & if he's a "young" 28. But honestly, I think you'd have much more fun w/someone more your age group. I'd say the max around 3 yrs. older. Give yourself a chance to have some young fun while you're still young! And I think you'd have it w/people closer to your own age.

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    I met my bf when I was 16 and he was 20, now I am 17 and pregnant with his baby! He has since then turned 21. His dad's 2nd wife is 17 years younger than him. I don't think its wrong. Age is just a number and I think people put too much emphasis on it. If you love a person you love them.

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    Depends on your maturity and his. At 28--men are sex machine and they do not understand love. Even though he may feel feeelings at the time--his will fade and yours will remain strong for him. Trust me--been there way more than once.-You know in your heart the real situation. Just make the right decision. Your heart and body are at stake--and that should always come first

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    My step mom is 11 years younger than my dad and they get along great. He was mature enough for her when they got together. She got along really well with us because she was closer to our age! She's only 17 years older than me! It works... I don't think age matters that much... whatever makes you happy! Good Luck!

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    1 decade ago

    As long as your happy its find age doesnt matter im 39 and i dated a 18 year old

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    It's fine. Some peole think it's not, but to me as long as you love eachother age ain't nothing but a number, seriously lol I like a man who's like 15 years older than me and he likes me back so I guess he doesn't care either.

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    Only you know if that's OK. As long as he respects your boundaries and understand the age difference, I think its fine.

    But you know as well as I do some responses will say its fine, some will say its awful.

    Just do what feels right, and don't be pressured or worry what other people think.

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