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HELP!! what is this song and who sings it??

i'm on a deadline!

this song is shown on youtube with clips from NUMB3RS at this site:

Youtube thumbnail

(you don't have to know or like the show! i just want to know about the song!) at the very end it said the music was by L. Cordalis.....much help would be appreciated!!!!!


i checked the star and lucas cordalis and its not bringing anything far my best choice is waiting for you by bryan adams!! thanx much for that!!

Update 2:

oh and i happen to like the song and i don't understand why people put an answer down if they don't actually have an answer?? its no help to me and you are just wasting your time

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    waiting for you - bryan adams

    sorry but it is a rip off of that song.

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    The Star by Lucas Cordalis

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    The song is called 'The Star'. As you said, it's by Lucas Cordalis.

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    just follow me would be my guess that's the tag,and

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    um so whats the point

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    1 decade ago

    wow, what a gay song! srry, cant help ya

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