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How can i become a succesful actor in HollyWood?

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    You have a better chance of getting stuck by lightning while sitting in a house you won from Ed McMahon.

    Just about all the successful stars today say it all a matter of luck. Being in the right place at the right time and being chosen for a role that ends up becomes a hit Thousands of would be Hollywood actors try for the big time, but only a handful make it. It's a tough business and most actors complain of being treated like a commodity.

    If you have real acting talent and you enjoy being on stage, do it whenever and as often as you can. Luck may be on your side but you will never find out until you try.

    Many very successful actors are not household names. Some have worked in the industry steadily for years but don't have the same name recognition as say Tom Cruise. They have had long steady careers doing a variety of rolls without the pressure of being one of the big name stars who are only as successful as their last big hit. That kind of star power is hard to maintain.

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    You probably can't.

    Many are called, few are chosen. You need education and a good talent agent. You need to be perfect in body and face and you need some kind of connection. It helps to be significant to somebody who is in the industry. Have a day job so you can make a living, but avoid doing porn or becoming a whore. Do not party too hard and stay off drugs. Spend all your time trying to get a role, but do not destroy yourself trying to get a role.

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    Obviously talent isn't required. Just watch pretty much any movie for 10 minutes.

    Know the right people, kiss the right behinds... be seen in the right places. Get into a lot of trouble and proclaim its your fame that drives you to behave... badly.

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    I want to know how 2!! HEHEHE

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