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New Info on Chris Beniot and his family's Death?

Did you guys hear it on NBC news that someone put in about Chris Beniot's wife Death on Wiki before the investigators found Chris Beniot and his famly's bodies

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    Yeah, I saw that. They're also claiming that the post originated from Standford, CT.

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    I'm still having a hard time dealing with this,as are a lot of people. It's too bad someone didn't see this coming and attempt to prevent it. The really sad thing is that we may never know what Chris was thinking or what exactly happened to trigger this. All I know is a great wrestler is gone and can never be replaced.

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    Authorities in Georgia believe professional wrestler Chris Benoit killed his wife and 7-year-old son before taking his own life. Many people are saying steroids may be to blame. Symptoms of "roid rage" include paranoia, depression and explosive outbursts. The thing is, getting a hold of the drug is a lot easier than you think.

    A syringe full of anabolic steroids was brought to Dr. Bill Moore-Smith by a patient, who found it in his son's belongings. A disturbing notion that buying steroids is simply a mouse click away. Dr. Moore-Smith says "We could probably get it delivered to this office. You could probably get it delivered to Channel 3. I think there's two things; one, the availability and two, the fact that it works." In the world of professional wrestling, super sizing seems to be part of the show.

    Chris Benoit was rumored to be using the drug, and may have been pushed over the edge by one of many side effects. Dr. Moore-Smith says that theory is easy to believe; "The physicality of the act, you know, of what he did is totally fitting for steroid rage. It is the mental effect of prolonged steroid use. That doesn't occur overnight, but that does occur with persistent, what I would call, long term use of steroids."

    "Nature Boy" Paul Lee has been in the professional wrestling business for 25 years. Before running American Wrestling Federation bouts in Ringgold, "Nature Boy" was on the same cards as Benoit. "I met Benoit in the WCW, World Championship Wrestling, owned by Ted Turner at the time. He (Benoit) was a very, very, well-conditioned athlete as far as knowing the business. He knew his way in and out of the ring, very entertaining to watch"

    But Lee has seen, first hand, why steroid use in so prevalent in pro wrestling, "I seen 'em come through the curtain, and look like a million dollars. You would think, 'Man, what a body.' When they come back through the curtain they're taking pain pills. They're on a gurney, moanin' and groanin'. I mean they go through a lot." Lee says he probably could have advanced further in pro wrestling if he had taken steroids. Something he feels many are more than willing to do. "I ain't never saw Vince McMahon put a gun to nobody's head and say take this, you know"

    McMahon's company World Wrestling Entertainment released a statement on their website denying Benoit's involvement with steroids. However Benoit's doctor has confirmed he prescribed testosterone for the wrestler to treat him for low levels of the hormone, possibly from previous steroid use.

    The ex-wife of pro wrestler Steve Austin claims domestic abuse is out of control when these guys get out of the ring.

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    Man, **** what the media says. I'm starting to doubt them. We was not there when Nancy died or Daniel nor Chris himself, so none of us can choose whatwhat we want to think. God watches all, so he saw everything with his own eyes. IF Chris did kill his family and himself, he's going to pay for it in hell.

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    about 12 hours ahead

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    yeah - uh Yahoo

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    Really? Well what website did you find this on?

    Where can I find this new info?

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    yeah its on wikipedia

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