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Have you ever met a famous person and talked him(her) very bad ? Who ? Why ? What did you say ?


I saw Naomi Campbell in Paris, in London, a few years ago, and I asked her " What time is it, please?" This ugly bittch was sad because I asked the time instead of asking an autograph. For me it was a way to provock her, because I hate her !

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    I've met/seen quite a few, but have never been rude to them...

    1. James Denton (Mike on Desperate Housewives)

    2. Bruce Willis (ran into him at Six Flags)

    3. I've met most of the Los Angeles Kings

    4. I've seen Kelly Clarkson

    5. Latisha Jones

    6. Eddie Van Halen

    7. Frankie Muniz

    8. Ellen Degeneres

    A few more I can't remember

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    I "met" Trent Reznor. I was standing next to him while he was checking into a hotel in his hometown. I was at the hotel for a conference. I was so nervous and was running late for the conference that I chickened out of saying anything.

    I also figured that there was no point in saying anything...he's heard the same stuff over and over before, anyway. Of course, now I regret not saying anything...

    I did meet Willie Nelson at a show. I'm not a fan and was drunk. I don't know what I said to him. I did get his autograph though.

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    Do you mean say something stupid? Yes. I had one certain ultra famous Hocky Hall of Famer's son in my office for glasses. (I am an optician) He is becoming a sight in the Hockey world himself and is an up and coming star too. I was explaining to him that he needed to clean his glasses wet and not dry so I gave him some Lens spray for his glasses. It was right after all the liquid stuff was being banned or checked out really good on the airplanes and airport security was being weird and he was getting ready to fly off to a private school that next week. So I told him that he might have to pack it in his regular luggage and not his carry on when he left. This kid is not pretentious and is a regular normal teen. He innocently said,"OH. Ok. I guessI I will ask my dad's pilot before we take off." I felt so stupid....of course they have a PRIVATE plane. DUH! I just smiled and sheepishly said, "Oh, I am sure it will be quite fine, hon!" All I could think of all day was how STUPID I was! LOL!

    Source(s): Certified Optician with Foot in mouth.
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    Yes, Warren Sapp...and I told him he was an a** and that ugly people should at least have good personalities. He refused to pay his tab at Bar of Tampa..many, many years ago

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    My mom met Wayne Newton, but I haven't met anyone unfortunatelly.

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    No but I would like to speak to Avril and I would love to aks her "Why did you change?" I want to know that very badly

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