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How long did you spot or bleed after insertion of PARAGUARD IUD?

I've had the PARAGUARD inserted almost 2 weeks ago and I'm still spotting but don't have any cramps or anything. I wanted to know if anyone else has had this happen to them after gettin a IUD (paraguard) done and how long did it last. Thank you ladies

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    Hi I have had this IUD and I was bleeding for four mths straight until I finially couldnt take it anymore as the doctor put me on 4 birth control pills a day to stop the bleeding. With some people birth control does not go along well. As with me I have been on the pill, the shot,and the iud. Some of our bodies can not handle birthcontrol. I would wait it out a few more weeks.But if the bleeding is still there consult your doctor in a few weeks. Good Luck

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    paraguard has no hormones unlike the mirena iud the paraguard is made of copper call your obgyn its possible it will let up but you might need to try another bc method it does happen alot its just not told its like the doc has to little time to give all the info but call the office tomorrow and see what they say

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