What are your guys pet peeves?

I just want to know if any of your pet peeves are similar to mine.

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    the word OFTEN...the T is silent

    the W in sword is silent

    and there is no "noise" in Illinois

  • 1 decade ago

    1. Over use of the word awesome.

    2. People that say: I "seen" her coming.

    3. People who say :"that was a deep well, we had to dig down about forty foot.

    4. People who end each sentence with "ya know what I'm sayin?"

    5. Words that make their way into the everyday language because some people were too ignorant to say them right to begin with.

    Example: "Crunk" instead of cranked

  • 1 decade ago

    people pretending or trying to nice

    people saying they will get better and be on time but we know the won't

    whiny ditzy girls

    superficial people

    weird pointless noises

    everyone trying to be fair...lifes not fair

    signs in the U.S. printed in English and spanish


    people not understanding the most simple things

    the way disney makes everything turn out oh so happy in the end

    stuck up snots thinking we don't see them as rude when they are acting nice

    cliques..why can' we just try and be friends with everyone

    younger kids having boyfriends

    to much to do and so little time

    people giving you the guilt trip

    people trying to analyze me ...they never figure it out

    the list goes on

  • 1 decade ago

    People breathing down my neck. Popular people in school that think they are so "cool". People that think they are wonderful at sports, but aren't. Chewing loudly. Open mouth when eating. When sitting down, they keep squirming. People that don't take care of their animals. Like, no bathing, no shots, they are always outside even when they don't want the animals to get their house dirty, BUT THEIR HOUSE IS ALREADY DIRTY!

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  • 1 decade ago

    People who drive slow in the left lane, especially if they're in a sports car like a Mustang.

  • 1 decade ago

    I guess I would start with silly questions and kind of build from there. Stupid questions I guess would be next. Then boring questions. Then pointless questions, you know, the kind with circular answers that lead nowhere? Then there's the people with nothing better to do with their time than answer them.

  • 1 decade ago

    hmm... I have a whole list...

    ok let me start...

    1. When people type like "r u ok"

    2. People who have to know absolutely everything about you (who can't mind their own business)

    3. Bad breath :P

    4. LOUD people

    5. When people say "no offense" and then say something completely offensive

    6. People who state TRUE things about someone (like for example, your fat) then say "just kidding"

    7. People who can't take a light hearted joke

    8. People who don't know when to draw the line

    9. People who are silly at the most innapropriate times

    10. People who think they are superior to anyone for any reason whatsoever

    11. People who tell me to put the music quieter! (my mom.. 24/7) even though it's already what I call quiet

    12. People who ask me to do favors for them alllll the time

    13. People who say they have no money for food yet can afford cigarettes

    14. Strong smells in the morning

    15. People who know something is bad for them but still do it and then complain about bieng in pain or whatever

    16. Attention whores (I know a bunch of them)

    17. People who talk to themselves

    18. People who ask me if I know where something is and I tell them I don't, yet they keep asking me every ten seconds

    19. People who don't keep their word

    20. People who say "I wonder how many calories this sandwich has" then buy an extra large ice cream and eat it ALL.. without sharing lol

    21. People who say "lol" when nothing is funny

    22. People who ask questions they already know the answer of

    23. People who bring lots of loose change when they go shopping and pay the cashier 10 dollars in dimes while I wait thirty minutes -.-

    24. People who don't bother listening to the songs you recomend them

    25. People who are shallow (like they listen to a song or read a poem and read it word for word, because they are too lazy to try to understand the true meaning)

    26. People who write one word on a sheet of paper then throw it out

    27. People who say "aren't jokes supposed to be funny?" or "you killed the joke"

    28. People who talk about stuff that they know doesn't interest you and expect you to be like "oh my gosh cool"

    29. People who say "oh my god"

    30. People who believe there is a scientific explanation for everything (life is better if there are things to wonder about)

    31. People who can't admit their wrong

    32. People who hate on magicians because it's not true magic..

    33. People who make me write lists!... i can't stop once I start :P

    There's more but I'm getting amd thinking about them :P I hope I helped :)

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  • molly
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    1 decade ago

    1. political correctness

    2.people who dont bathe

    3. people who dont wash their hands after using toilet

    4. the word you-uns

    5 using the words bubbi and sis when referring to children

    6. paperclips fastened together

    7. people who dont use turn signals

    8. ghost drivers ( you know- that 4foot woman who can barely see the end of her car hood and from the rear it looks like no one is driving)

    9. seeing people behind the wheel of a car thats moving and theyre doing everything except driving (I actually saw a guy reading a newspaper)

    10 teletubbies (dont get me started)

    11. people who waste food

    12. people on welfare and wont work but always seem to have money for smokes, beer and lottery tickets

  • 1 decade ago

    The only one I have is when you are riding in a car with someone and they have the radio on and talking over it, I hate that.

  • 1 decade ago

    People who (mis)use the word 'ignorant' to describe someone as rude or discourteous. It drives me crazy.

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