Should we help the illegals get settled back in their own country?

I was listening to the people calling in to C-Span this morning about whether or not they support the bill. A young girl called in and sounded like she was crying. She said that she loved being here and enjoyed going to school and having the opportunity to learn. She said that she wished that her brothers could be with her to learn to.

So here is my thought. Why don't we spend the money on helping to make it a little better for the people who need to go back by assisting them in building schools and hospitals - like we do in other third world countries. Maybe if we could find some compassion for those who are caught in the middle of this situation -we could begin to heal.

I for one do not want to make Mexico our enemy, but I also don't want them invading our country and corrupting it. How can we begin to repair the damage. Think about it. They escaped from a country that has nothing to offer them.

They don't belong in the USA -what happens when they return? Suggestion?


I understand the outrage with them still in our country. I am one of the people who contacted the Senate and House until this bill finally failed. The problem that we have to face is that there are victims as well as freeloaders.

When we deport them, they keep coming back because they have nothing to stay in their country for. All I'm saying is that instead of all the hate, maybe we can help turn it around to where they can change their country. The illegals currently in the US are working hard - yes they are taking away our jobs - but they're not lazy. They know what it can be like in a free country. What they don't understand is that it takes courage to stand up for what you believe in and fight a corrupt government.

I don't want them sponging off our government in our country, but I think it would be good to help them build their own schools and hospitals to have hope for a better future. Let them put their labor to use in their own country.

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    We need to keep up with all that is related to illegal immigration.

    We should immediately start reporting and hammering down on employers that hire the illegals.

    Any and all illegal immigrant ID's need to be rechecked, There are probably around 10 - 12 million fake ID's in America now. Thank your local DMV.

    Any and all senators that voted for this horrendous bill need to be voted out of office come elections.

    The ones that don't leave on their own can be arrested and have all their belongings confiscated and used to offset the cost of all transportation cost.

    Personally I think if they can pay smugglers 2,500 or more to break our laws come here and manage to buy brand new cars, I think they can come up with the funds to go home willingly and apply the legal way.

    Source(s): America. Thank you for opposing amnesty for illegal immigrants.
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    There are many things in the world that are just plain unfair. The sad thing is, as much as we'd like to help everyone, we can't.

    Buying another country a hospital or school does not help anything, especially us. If their system, society and economy does not prepare and provide for their people, then nothing can be done until that changes. Building a house on the moon doesn't do crap without people, food, oxygen, demand. It'd be kinda cool but who really cares?

    A solid foundation must be set forth. Start there and then think about providing facilities. But remember, it is NOT our country. It is governed by people who have different views, opinions, cultures. It's not our place to change it for them or tell them what's right from wrong.

    I know its sad, but our government is protecting what we've provided for our people and we intend on protecting it so that YOU won't have to say, I wish I was in that country instead. Don't be so quick to hand out the country's tax dollars when we've got plenty of things we need to take care of at home. Then again, its only my opinion.

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    They don't belong in the said it..I concur with that.

    I do not compelled to ask the US fund social programs in Mexico. The US needs care to take of Americans in poverty.

    I do believe our government should use diplomacy and/or sanctions to encourage Mexico to improve conditions there.

    Mexico has wealth. It is in the hands of very few. It is their responsibility not ours.

    It is not just Mexico however. There are illegal aliens here from many nations. Do you want to fund hospitals and schools in England as well? Or any of the other nations?

    I don't.

    I can support humanitarian aid to nations that lack the capacity to care for their people in times of disaster.

    Mexico does not lack the capacity. They lack the initiative.

    If one starts making exceptions then all the illegal aliens will claim similar exceptions..deport.

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    I can't figure out exactly what you're asking. Sure we can jail the illegalsl, and we can send them home, but even though that's expensive those ways aren't working. So they want to give them a way to become legal citizens instead. They would have several steps to fulfill before they can become citizens. They leave their home country because of no jobs, because of drugs and killings there, because of blight, and they want to work in America to send money home to their families (cost of living there is low so their families can prosper if their relative in America sends them money, but it's that way for people from a lot of countries who come to America).

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    Who is going to feed and house and build schools for Americans? You perhaps? Illegals should never have been allowed to stay over here. We need to get not only the Mexicans out, but all the other nationalities. This is OUR country.

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    Mexico has plenty of money to fix their problems. The problem is that the rich Mexicans are very, very, very rich, there are comparatively few middle class Mexicans, and a lot of very poor ones. The very rich Mexicans see no reason to help out thier poor brothers.

    That's a recipe for revolution when you have all of your country's money hoarded at the top. So to stave off revolution by the poor, they encourage illegal immigration to get them out of the country, and get the $$$$$$$$ pouring into Mexico to support the poor people left behind.

    So if you want to place blame, blame the rich Mexicans and their government.

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    Who built schools for us ? Who made this country what it is? WE DID. If they want to be proud of where they live then they have to do the work. They can build their own schools, and if they want to use their schools to educate the children of Mexico to speak English and learn the process to become american citizens then thats fine. These people need to be taught that we are the land of the free, not the land of the freeloaders.

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    Mexico is not a third world country.. they have a very stable economy and as far as education... just like here their education is free up to the 12th grade- it is up to them to stand up and get the corruption out of their government..

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    I think it's very noble of you to want to avoid making an enemy of our southern neighbor. But, perhaps, Mexico should have considered whether it wanted to make an enemy of America before encouraging 9 million of it's people to invade the soveriegn terriotry of it's neighbor to the north?

    I'm just saying: just because you're an American, every problem in the world isn't automatically your fault, nor your responsibility to fix.

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    1 decade ago

    They should stay in Mexico and fix their own country. Just take them all to the border and dump them off there.

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