Is there a clothing line for girls who have a big behind with a small waist?

I have difficulty finding pants that fit me right, they either fit good on the butt but loose on the waist or good on the waist but tight on the butt. What brand of clothes designs specifically for this type of body?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    if you can afford it you may have good luck at express. i have the same problem as you, but, its impossible not to look good in those jeans.

    try wearing low cut ones with a belt. like, not low low cut, but ones that dont hit your waist, but dont show butt crack, go for right in between. then find a cute belt to keep them up. its what i do and it works. if you find a brand that actually makes jeans like this though, please let me know. it would take out a lot of the guesswork

  • 4 years ago

    often times layers look lovable and regularly times they do no longer. i for my area think of that dresses look rather superb on heavier women. with a lovable belt around the waist. additionally, a lovable jean style that seems suuuuper flattering on extra advantageous women is "pass over Me". those denims look great on heavier women! i could additionally pass with pencil skirts, and dresses and blouses with florals. wish i helped!

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