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which TAMPON is SMALLERout of the 2 of these?

which of these tampons is better/smaller (for a small teen)

Tampax Pearl Lites (purple)

Playtex Slimfits

which applicator is smaller, which actual "tampon" is smaller, how they open up, which you prefer, or which you'd reccomend to a girl who needs a really small and easy to remove tampon...because ive tried the tampax "regular" and it hurt SOO bad to remove . im just really nervous because im going away to the beach with a friend's family and i am afraid im going to get my period...

thank you soooo much!!!!! i really appreciate it!!!!! :)

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    i prefer playtex slimfits but i also like o.b. they dont have an applicater and they are smaller than the slimfits and more comfortable

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    the tampax pear lights (purple) are smaller. i used them when i first started my period. they were perfect to start out with. i still use tampax, but the yellow kind (regular) i hate playtex, they open up in a 360 (circle) and the tampax opens up sideways. the playtex feels like the bottom half is falling out. but the tampax always fits perfectly comfy.

    Source(s): many horrible months of periods with lots of different brands
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    I like tampax pearl cuz the applicator makes them easy to slide in. Just dont take it out too soon because if it is really dry it will hurt more to remove

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    def tampax pearl lites!!! i started out w/ them and they are great protection and dont hurt at all!! i luv the plastic applicator on tampax pearl and the wrapper is great for purses!!! :) i would def recomened them!! u can buy the whole box of them at walmart or CVS!! good luck

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    tampax pearl is 100% better and comfortable

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    playtex slimfits......=)

    hope u have a great summer!!! peace! =]

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