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Why do people who are only casual fans of music like Billy Joel so much?

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    Billy Joel is a great entertainer and singer. His songs are fun .

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    hmm - casual fans of music - billy joel is a poet. I love music and i listen to all kinds of music. I like jazz, classical, r&b, rock, hard rock, alternative (when it existed) and I LOVE billy joel. He is a great lyricist. his music evokes emotion and not just about having sex but real life experience.

    i don't understand how you have pigeon holed all billy joel fans into casual fans of music. that is as bad as saying all blondes are dumb or all italians are good cooks.

  • I dont really now specifically, but I LOVE music and billy's work...he's a really good artist and puts on a good live show(according to my dad)

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    because he's a casual kind of guy

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