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Getting into West Point...?

Is it true to be accepted into West Point, you have to have some sort of Congressional approval. I was told this back many years ago, when I was selected just before I was about to finish Basic Training(yet I did not even apply or ask, they just offered it to me).

My friend states that this is so, but is this realistic?

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    there are many ways to get into west point, congressional approval is the most common, asvap scores can be used, graduate family members can get consideration, medal of honor winners get consideration for there children also, im sure there are many ways too, but you have to be under the age of 21

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    Yes, you need to receive a nomination from your local congressman, either of your two senators, or the vice president in order to get to West Point. The same is true for the Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy, and the Merchant Marine Academy. It is not true for the Coast Guard Academy.

    It may not seem realistic, but you don't actually have to know them in order to get a nomination. They take applications. Knowing them may help but they still try to nominate the best applicants because it looks good to have one of their nominees graduate and it doesn't look so good to have one drop out.

    Also any one of them can have up to 5 nominees in each academy at any given time and can pick up to ten people for each empty spot they have to compete for admission.

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    Yes it is very true. You need a Congressman's recommendation. In fact, under special circumstances, you can get the President's or Vice President's Recommendations. But yes, this is a step of admission.

    The same goes for the Naval Academy (Annapolis) and the Air Force Academy.

    Check out their website:

    P.S. Check this link, too.

    ALSO! Cheesehead, you do not have to be under 21. You can be under 23, but older than 17. And I believe they will consider you for a waiver if you have served in the military.

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    You need to have a letter of recommendation from a congressman to apply to any of the military academies.

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    Yes and i believe that in comparison to how many applications they receive, that it might actually have a lower acceptance rate than Harvard.

  • As far as I know, you need a recommendation from any U.S. Congreesman.

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