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help with my computer?

I have some viruses and I have a major problem with pop-ups, i have a pop up blocker and its on but it doesnt seem to be working...what are some FREE things I can download to fix my computer?

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    spybot search and destroy

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    The pop ups are probably a form of spyware themselves. If they pop up when your not even on the internet then they are spyware. Never download any of the spyware removal programs that are shown in the ads because they are just more spyware themselves too. Download these two programs and try to remove it.



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    Ad-Aware is really helpful, just search for it on google and it wont take long to find a place to download it. To get decent virus protection though, you really should buy something, otherwise it probably wont work well. I recommend Norton antivirus.

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    -Spy-bot: search and destroy (

    -Lavasoft Ad-aware 2007 (

    -Superantispyware (google it)

    update em all and then run scans

    also update your antivirus program and run that

    if you dont have an antivirus download avg free edition (

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