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Anyone have Dreadlocks?

I have dread locks and I'm having problems getting some of them to lock all the way to the bottoms...some of them are starting to split part of the way up like about half way up...any tips for getting them to "join?"

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    Leave them alone. The form one's locks take is as unique as that individual's personality. Trying to tinker with the process will only hold up the natural growth and development.

    Also, and please don't take offense, if you're locks are coming apart, they were never technically dredlocks.

    Have patience - it's not something you can force. Also, NEVER put products (beeswax, pomade, etc.) in your hair - it is an all-too-common misperception fueled by unscrupulous people trying to make money that it is beneficial. It is actually a detriment to the natural locking process.


    I'd like to take this as an opportunity to refute the widely-held belief that "dredlocks stink" or are otherwise dirty. My locks smell of soap. Some people are dirty, sure, but they would still be dirty if they were bald.

    Source(s): Me, a long-time locksman
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    unfortunately i dont know, but i was looking into getting dreads a while ago. i would just do a yahoo search for dreadlocks and some sites will come up with usefull info.

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    dreadlocks stink

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    no srry

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