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Is there an 1890 U.S. Federal Census?

Is there an 1890 U.S. Federal census? If not, why not? There is for 1860, 70, 80, and then 1900, 10, 20, and 30...


Ok, thanks so I guess you were right about it being destroyed.

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    There was an 1890 Federal Census taken; however, it was largely destroyed in a fire in the Commerce Department building in Washington, D.C., on January 10, 1921. Some fragments did escape: Perryville beat no. 11, Alabama; Q, R, S, 13th, 14th, 15th, Corcoran, Riggs, and Johnson streets in the District of Columbia; and roll 3, including:

    Columbus, Muscogee Co., Georgia

    Mound Twp., McDonough Co., Illinois

    Rockford, Wright Co., Minnesota

    Jersey City, Hudson Co., New Jersey

    Eastchester, Westchester Co., New York

    Brookhaven Twp., Suffolk Co., New York

    Twp. No. 2, Cleveland Co., North Carolina

    South Point Twp. and River Bend Twp., Gaston Co., North Carolina

    Cincinnati, Hamilton Co., Ohio

    Wayne Twp., Clinton Co., Ohio

    Jefferson Twp., Union Co., South Dakota

    Justice Pct. No. 6, Mountain Peak, and Ovilla Pct., Ellis Co., Texas

    Pct. No. 5, Hood Co., Texas

    Kaufman, Kaufman Co., Texas

    Pct. No. 6 and Justice Pct. No. 7, Rusk Co., Texas

    Trinity Town and Pct. No. 2, Trinity Co., TX

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    No and yes most were destroyed in Fire but there are some states that were left partially intact Alabama, Illinois, Georgia, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio , South Dakota, Texas Now there are subsitutes for this 1890 federal census, such as State Census, Voter Registration Lists, Tax Lists, City Directories, but thats the reason for it fire and yes I know its frustrating esp since its a 10 year gap in time alot can occur in ten years, but try these other sources they are a blessing.

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    Mitchell explained what happened to the 1890. Along with the other types of resources he'd mentioned some or most States also had State Censuses, in "off" years. One of my favorites is the MI 1894. (Just in time to pick up some grandchildren of Civil War vets, and daughters born after 1880 who may otherwise be married and gone by 1900.)

  • Yes, there is. There has been a census every 10 years (as in the Bible) since 1790.

    Have you tried the Feds census website?

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    By 1890, everyone had left the US and gone to Europe for vacation.

    That is when the phrase "Will the last person out of Cleveland please turn out the lights" became popular.

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