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a baby birds nest was found with 5 baby birds, the mother was in it, and flew away?

when painting my deck, a baby birds nest was found with 5 baby birds, the mother was in it, and flew away, but while she was flying away, her wing hit my arm. I had no idea that the nest was there. I moved pot that the nest was in back where i found it, and went inside, and watched it (this happened early morning) now it is around 4 and i see the mother flying near by but has not went back to the nest. since her wing touched me, will she come back? the baby birds are still very dependent on the mother, they still have no feathers and their eyes are still closed.. i can see from a distance that they are hungry because they keep on openeing their mouths. what should i do? and if the mother doesnt come back, how should i help them survive..i didnt touch the babys, but the mom touched me. please help!!!!!

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    If you can see her she will come back... she's most likely just scared!!

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    The fact that her wing touched you means nothing.

    Mother birds are away from the nest a lot, finding food. Put the nest somewhere in a more secluded spot, but nearby of course. The mother knows the babies are there but is nervous about going back to them because they are near humans.


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    you may have frighten her away, if you just get close you have already changed the smell/environment too much, she will not return, you will have to bring them in put them under a low heat lamp and go to the pets store and get baby bird food and feed them with an eye dropper, breeders do this all the time. Also you can look on the Internet and find a home made recipe you can make your self. Which will be much cheaper. Or you can call your local bird sancuary or zoo to see if they will come pick them up.

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    If you can see her WITHOUT her seeing you, watch for her to return and feed the babies. Don't take your eyes off the nest for even a few seconds, as she could be in and gone before you notice. If the babies have not been fed within 4 hours, contact a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. You can find one here:

    Do not attempt to feed these babies yourself. If you do not have the proper training, you can do more harm than good. And reading formulas and advice on the internet is a poor substitute for real training. Also, do not bring the babies inside, unless you have contacted the rehabilitator, and you need to transport the babies to them. It is illegal to keep most native wild species unless you have the proper permits.

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    leave her alone. Most birds will return to their babies even when they fall out of nest they will return and feed to baby on the ground. Its just that sometimes the babies dont make it because we touch them or they cannot maintain body heat so they die...or cats find them....

    Anyways, if you left the nest where it was to begin with, she should come back. Her touching you wont cause her to not feed her babies.

    Source(s): Just rehab'd an American Kestral Falcon who fell out of nest, couldnt fly yet... he and mom are now flying high around my as a bird *smile*
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    Just leave them alone- the mom is probably out getting food for them and feeding them while you aren't looking. The mom bird doesn't stay in the nest, just nearby, from what I have observed with nests in my front yard. Just leave them alone and they will probably be fine. I don't think it matters that she hit your arm. Good luck!

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    It's a myth that parent birds will abandon young that have been touched by humans—most birds have a poor sense of smell and are probably unable to detect the scent of humans on their eggs or nests.

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    trust me-the mother will come back. she probably sees you watching her. touching the baby birds thing is a myth, by the way.

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    Yes she will come back. She is still scared and watching. Just stay away. She may wait until evening. Don't worry those damn things are ALWAYS hungry. They can make it.

    The touching thing is you shouldn't touch baby animals because theire parents may abaonden them for fear of preadator.

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    Just make sure you don't touch the baby birds or she will NOT come back to them....and don't go out too look too see if she is there just look from the window because she might be scared....if she doesn't come back HELP THEM!!! Feed them but wait a couple of days untill to make sure se isn't coming back.

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