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Is it possible to have surgery on a re-occuring stye?

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    A STY is an infected gland in the eyelid. Another word for it is HORDEOLUM. And it HURTS!, a LOT.

    The oil glands have these little openings all along the upper and lower lids. You can see them in the mirror. They produce oil that goes onto the surface of the tear film and sort of make it so the tears don't evaporate quickly.

    If the opening gets stopped up, the cells up in there don't know, and they keep on making the oil stuff. If it forms a bump in the lid that is not infected, that's called a Chalazion.

    The treatment is to try and remove the plug with warm compresses and massaging the gooey stuff out of the opening. If that doesn't work then surgery can be done. It also depends on whether the chalazion is internal or external. The internal faces the eye, the external faces the skin.

    The infected ones, the STY ones can be drained as well. And it feels a LOT better after that's done.

    You can try and avoid them by keeping your lashes and eyelids clean with mild lid scrubs. Baby shampoo is a common suggestion because it doesn't hurt inside the eye. (supposedly).

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    Yes. See an ophthalmologist.

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    Yes but you should counsult with eye doctor first.

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