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Am I Immune now?

2 days ago I got food poisoning and I threw up like MADDD, but now thank god am okay :-) but I was wondering I am going to a developing country where stomach upsetting and diarrehea is a huge possibility and does happen. So does that mean that I am now immune to it for a particular amount of time?

-Thanks in advance.

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    Absolutely not! Food poisoning does not confer any sort of immunity. You had food poisoning caused by bacterial contamination in the food and got infected with it. The bacteria and its toxins effect made you sick. We do not get immunity from all infections we had. There are certain diseases that confer post-infection immunity but most do not- which food infection is just one of them. Since you had food poisoning - it could mean you do not have "enough strong beneficial bacteria (harmless bacteria ) in your guts" making you vulnerable to any guts infection. You can get food poisoning anytime if you will not be careful. Such harmless bacteria improves health and immunity and can also exclude food poisoning bacteria in foods. So-called lactic acid bacteria are believed to be very good beneficial bacteria. They are present in high numbers in fermented products such as yoghurt. Anyway, you need to be alarmed and be extra cautious in whatever you take in - foods or any drinks especially water.

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    I'm a graduate of a course that deals with stuffs about food poisoning. There really isnt any immunity against food poisoning. The body cant develop antibodies against the toxins that contaminate food.

    So, here's a tip: just take with you necessary anti-diarrheal medications, then when u get to that developing country, dont drink water from the faucets, but drink only bottled mineral water.

    God bless!

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    well this is how it works: what you had is probably caused by a bacteria called Stafilococcus aureus, well not exactly by it but by a toxin (called exotoxin) it produces. the toxin is strong enough to withstand 30-40 minutes of 100 centigrade boiling. the toxin is a protein to which your body produces antibodies but diffrent strands of bacteria can produce different toxins. so if you are lucky you get poisoned by the same toxin or if you are not you get food poisonong once again. antibiotics are of no use. they kill bacteria not toxins. antitoxic serum is what you need. but because it's a mild intoxication no one uses that. beware of whip-cream, cream, cakes ant stuff like that which can be a good environment for multiplying bacteria!!!

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    No - you're never immune to food poisoning....unless you deliberately poison yourself a little bit day by day, increasing the amount of poisons you put into your body slowly. But that usually takes years.

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    Nope. I suggest that you look forward to the exciting times vomiting in the "developing country".

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    Sadly, no , it cannot form antibodies against something that isn't a diesease.

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