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What is the law, regarding seat belts/ car seats/booster seats on coaches?

Hi, my 3 yr old son is going on a day trip to the seaside with nursery next week.

Does anyone know what the law is regarding seat belts on coaches.

I'm not sure if i have to take his car seat and wether it will fit to be secured.

does anyone know what i should do?



And yes, i get to go to the seaside too!!!

nursery do not know anything regarding the seatbelt situation.

I am concerned that the coach has lap belts. therefore, my carseat won't fit.


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    Won't that be a fun trip for him! Does mom get to go to?

    Any "over-the-road" passenger vehicle under 10,000 pounds should be equipped with seatbelts.

    You should be able to bring your son's car seat and they should be able to install it in the coach. Just make sure they know how to do it properly!

    However, some newer coaches are equipped with integrated child safety seats...

    Still it wouldn't hurt to still bring yours along to the center.

    If you are in doubt, why not check with the day-care provider? Surely they have done these sort of outings before and can tell you what's normally done.

    Edit: Cool... I hope you guys have fun!

    Are you saying if the lap belts are present then your car seat WON'T fit? See I thought lap belts assisted in securing car seats... at least that's the way our last one worked. Or maybe you mean without the shoulder belt there's no way to secure the upper part of the seat. Hmmmm.... I see your point. Again, I think I'd ask the center about your concerns.

    Sorry I couldn't be more help.

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