Do you think the origin of disputes between philosophers...?

Do you agree with this? Why or why not?

“The origins of disputes between philosophers is, that one class of them have undertaken to raise man by displaying his greatness, and the other to debase him by showing his miseries.”


Thanks in advance for your answers.

Update 2:

Thanks Ska... but I would think, as a philosomophizer, you saying "I think one group attempts to understand the world as they see it..." would fall into the "displaying man's greatness" category. Such is the beauty of the love of knowledge. It's completely relative to perception.

Update 3:

Thanks to John and Soleil... I'm gonna have a tough time choosing a best answer. Lucky for me, I have a feeling you guys aren't dying for 10 Y!A points.

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    Dr. Thomas Sowell discusses this matter at some length in his book, "A Conflict of Visions". He observes that most people want pretty much the same things -- more wealth, better education, reduced crime, etc. But the reason why they have such diametrically opposed solutions as to how to achieve these goals is that, their solutions are predicated on completely different sets of assumptions on the nature of humanity -- their "vision" or worldview.

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    No, the origins of disputes between philosophers is answering the ancient Greek question often discussed by Aristotle "What is the Arche?" (origin of all things or principal explanation). Heraclitus argued it was fire. Thales argued it was water....

    You're talking about optimism and pessimism. These two lenses are not necessarily at odds with each other. I for example, would argue that both optimism and pessimism are needed to look at man's actions more objectively.

    Source(s): lunrt it in skuel
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    C'mon guys you know the answer Men have always thought hmm, and made up life as it went along untill someone began them wrong

    Can't you imagin the firtst fight "which way should we go" uuugghh!!leee!!!

    One guy fought tor the 20% chance of rain and the other

    for the 80% chance of sunshine.

    Which all begat kingdoms, religions, and heritage

    Source(s): Col 2.14-22; Rm 16.16
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    I think, being a philosopher, that neither is the answer. I think one group attempts to understand the world as they see it, and another tries to invent things for the things they can't understand.

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    I have read that a man is not made (raised) by adversity, a man is revealed by adversity. The young are hopeful, the old regretful. It is revealed through time that the old argue best.

  • I agree.

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