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difference between electrical characteristics of NTC and PTC Thermistors?

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    NTC = negative temp coefficient PTC = positive temperature coefficent. PTC termistors increase resistance with increased temperature and vice versa for NTC. These devices are NOT linear.

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    What is NTC-based Limiting? NTC stands for Negative Temperature coefficient. The NTC thermistor provides variable resistance based on temperature. As temperature increases, the resistance drops from high to low and allows current to pass through. NTC thermistors are the most commonly used thermistor. They fit a wide range of applications including: automotive, military, industrial, and emissions controls.Various items around your home contain NTC thermistors including your oven, air conditioning, and fire detector. What is PTC-based Limiting? PTC stands for Positive Temperature Coefficient. The PTC thermistor also provides variable resistance based on temperature. As temperature rises, resistance increases from low to high and blocks the spike in current. Typically, NTC-based limiting is used for most applications. However, there are certain scenarios that require a PTC thermistor over an NTC thermistor. These include equipment with a near-zero reset time, extreme temperature conditions, and systems that experience frequent shorts. If you have a specific question about managing inrush current, don’t hesitate to contact our engineers. We are friendly and only an email or phone call away!

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