Synovial Cell Sarcoma?

Hello everyone. On Holloween of 2000 I was dianosed with Synovial Cell Sarcoma. Since then, I have searched endlessly for people who've had the same cancer as me, to talk to and give support and get comfort. Find a friend who understands how I feel. I have found some, but unfortunately they were no longer living. For some reason, this cancer tends to be a recurring one if you are able to get into remission. There hasn't been many cases, maybe one or two, were someone stayed in remission for almost 10 years. But only to pass away shortly after..... I would like to have hope that this mean and aggressive cancer will never come back but every once and a while I get scared and feel like I'm living on borrowed time. If I found one survivor, just one, that went into remission and stayed in remission, past 10 years, I think I'd feel a little better. I just wanted to add that I was 26 when I was diagnosed and I am 33 now.

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