734 credit score to 837 right away?

my credit score is 734 because im 21 and only had credit for 3 years. i want 830 or higher right now. i never had a late payment, never had a missed payment. and there are no negative things on my credit. i have all unsecured credit cards with visa and master card with 10,000 credit limit.

but it sayd 30-40% of people have better credit than me. thats a lot. it said it because 3 years of credit history is short. and it said the average credit history is 15 years. im NOT waiting till im old for 830 or higher.

i read something on credit attorney, and it said if you have someone esle authorize you on their credit report, their history on that card reports on to yours.

so if a parent has a 834, and they have a kid with a lower score like 700, it will raise their credit a lot higher right away.

my mom has a 834. could i have her authorize me on her card, and have her history report on to mine? she has no car loan, and owns her house with no mortgage, so theres no risk she will


mess up her credit. and i will go from 734 to 800 or higher?

Update 2:

i know i already have a good credit score. but im going to be taking out a lot of loans for my corporations, and also from hard money leander, and am going to be a credit partner with other investors, so i want a really good credit history

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    The absolute highest FICO score you can get is an 850.

    With a score of 734, you should already be getting the best rates on loans, which is the whole point of the score. If you really want to get higher than 734, from what it looks to me you can only do that by having a longer credit history. By only having three years of history, 734 is a high score as it is.

    If you get added on your Mom's card, her credit would not be affected unless you missed a payment. However, its doubtful that your credit score would go up at all.

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    Your score is more than enough, it's more than than mine, and I have history for 7 years, don't have a late payment, have a mortgage, Credit cards with full balance available ...

    Anyhow, if you are planning on getting a loan, banks have other methods of verifying credit worthyness. Talk to your bank/loan representative of your local bank first.

    Also I would advise your mom not to do that, as I hear a lot of storries of moms getting hurt by their daughters malpractices. And dads don't get better off with their sons either ...

    First make sure you are financially sound, and then then credit score won't even matter and you wouldn't need your moms help either.

    I know you might not like the answer, but that's the best answer to my heart I can give.

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    You're one of the lucky ones in the financial pecking order: Your credit score is high. Really high. But what if you want perfection?

    Get a hobby.

    Having a high credit score is great. But the slight difference between very high and perfection just won't make a difference in your everyday life.

    A credit score is your credit history at one point in time, reduced to a single number. One of the most popular credit-scoring models, the FICO score, can range from 300 (very bad) to 850 (solid gold). But don't expect to see many 850s walking around.

    "It's very rare to be there," says Maxine Sweet, the vice president of public education with Experian, one of the three major credit bureaus. "I've never seen it."

    Though it's theoretically possible to score 850, most high scores top off around 825, Sweet says. "You can't get much higher," she says.

    From a practical standpoint, that's just as well, several credit experts say.

    "There is no reason to go from 775 to 850 because you're still going to get the same rate," says Linda Sherry, a spokeswoman for Consumer Action, an advocacy group in Washington, D.C.

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    The other responses are correct - there is no advantage whatsoever in striving for an 830+ credit score. You are probably already eligible for the best possible terms on any loan you apply for. Just because you've convinced yourself to strive for 830 doesn't make it a sensible goal. Be satisfied with your already top-notch credit score.

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    Anything above 720 and it doesn't really matter. You will be able to get the same rates as someone with 750, 800 or 850.

    I mean, the rates only go so low. You can't get better than a banks lowest rate.

    I heard to get over 800, you must have a 20 year history.

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    734 is a great score. Once you have gotten into the middle 700s getting is higher is all for show. You will still get the best rates most of time with that score.

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    Do not bother with trying the system of being authorized on someone else's credit card to raise your own score. As of September this year, FICO is changing its credit analysis systems to eliminate any benefit from being authorized on the card of another.

    If you're considering trying to beat that deadline, also don't bother, since FICO is planning to change that system to make retroactive any benefits one may have previously gotten by using the card authorization process.

    I suspect that is REALLY going to irritate the thousands of folks who paid a lot of money through www.instantcreditbuilders.com to try to improve their credit scores in this fashion.

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    Your score is really good and it takes time to get to 830 and just keep doing what u have been doing.. and u should be there in no time...

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    I would imagine you should be asking a credit card company these questions.

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    I doubt this is feasible

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