Epilepsy Surgery?

does anyone know how long Epilepsy Surgery is

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    Epilepsy surgery varies. The evaluation and monitoring are the things that would take some time prior to surgery. The surgery itself aims to remove the seizure focus thus once it is located after thorough mapping, the actual surgery would take few hours or so which is variable depending various factors.

    If an epilepsy has an underlying cause such as benign tumor, then it would depend of various factors.

    When seizures are uncontrolled, surgery maybe done to remove the front part of either the right or left temporal lobe.

    Another kind of surgery is to disconnect the cerebral hemispheres or incise brain commisure (connecting the two cerebral hemispheres). Both aims to prevent seizures from spreading to involve the entire brain.

    For severe and catastrophic epilepsy surgery is done to remove one half of the cerebral cortex.

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    6 years ago

    The length of time taken for brain surgery will depend entirely on the individual case and the extent and delicacy of the surgery. Brain surgery is never undertaken without important and quite extensive lead up investigations to identify exactly where the problem areas lies within the brain, and in particular, if that site is accessible without threat to damaging any other part of the brain responsible for important bodily functions, e.g. speech, movement or sight. Brain surgery is ONLY undertaken when the source of the area where seizures begin is clearly identified and can be safely removed.

    Some people may have just a small section of scar tissue removed , which would obviously take much less time than removing a whole lobe or one hemisphere. The site of the area to be removed will also affect the time taken because some surgery is so close to very important parts of the brain that it is undertaken with great precision and delicacy.

    Brain surgery is often performed with the patient awake so that the patient can respond to questions from the surgeon and he can in turn know that he is working in the correct area of the brain without destroyed nay other function of the brain.

    To answer your question, every case is different ! Good luck!

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